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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: Obake Life

Needless to say I'm not much of a blogger, thus I doubt... Even highly doubt anyone will ever read any of my rantings. Thus I present the next thing I shall review for your approval.

Story: It was a nice and short one-shot, with an semi foreseen twist. For what do you do when you find out the book you've just read has a curse on it and will kill you within the day? Though I wonder how the story would of ran with out the main herione's power to "See Ghosts" that runs somewhere along the lines of... What's his face from XxXHolic, Watanabe? The name escapes me at this moment. It's nothing deep but if you want a cute one shot candy coated hot-topic flavored horror. This would be for you.

Art: An easy on the eyes shojou style, though all I could think was the male looked a like Luffy from One piece. Viewer, you decide.

Overall: I'd recommend reading it if you're bored for a time to kill before a flight at a mere 46 page entry. Nothing too filling, yet it's... Cute. 3/5