The oddities of what I've found an enjoyed. From Japanese horror movies to Guro and retro items, maybe even rainbows if I get around to it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New data...

I've gotten into another two;
Creepy Woods; from what I can tell people have been going into the woods to find some weird recorder music playing over the radio. Yet it always ends with some bestial screaming, so I don't understand how you can get pictures from sound but what they've been getting is IAO.

Either it's the devil or some weird god thing.

Black Shirt Game; I solved the messed up text on the site and emailed it in to find out something more going on. Seriously, anything that as RDIF chips I'm strongly against.

"One campus at time you'll see."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've been too lazy to post those reviews. Sad to say I'm far too much of a procrastinator to do that, but I've found some otherwise interesting things on my vast journey across the webs.

First off, 8th Wonderland; It's an interesting concept possibly worth visiting on the voting days. But I need to find a better french translator.

Second, Seed Eater ; A rather odd thing someone had sent me. There has been an image recently posted of this creature. Still from the other art I've seen it reminds me of the plague doctors and that first angel from NGE. I'll post the picture of the art and additionally to the artwork of the "Seed Eater".